Industrial Products


Hydrogenated Oils

Industrial Products

We offer standard, fully hydrogenated oil as well as custom, partially hydrogenated oils.  Specialty oils, such as non-GMO oils, organic oils, and specialty fatty acid profiles are produced with identity preservation (IP).  Businesses also come to us for creative potential in toll manufacturing to address particular needs involving cost, feedstock, timing, or quality.

We can provide

  • Identity preservation (IP) - Your product is your product. Our team and facility can produce identity-preserved product so that your non-GMO oils stay non-GMO and your organic oils stay organic.


  • Full hydrogenation to an iodine value of less than 1, where required.

  • Flexibility regarding feedstock. We usually can process from either vegetable oil or animal fat, often with the capacity to switch from one feedstock to another, according to market fluctuation.

  • Custom, partial hydrogenation. Our team can fine-tune reactions to produce the desired cis- and trans-fat profile

Contact us to inquire about the toll manufacture of your hydrogenated fat or oil.

Methyl Esters

Need surfactants, coatings, lubricants, feed, personal care products, food ingredients? We can take any fatty acid, and turn it into a methyl ester. Our repertoire includes methyl soyate, methyl canoleate, methyl palmitate, methyl stearate, methyl linoleate, methyl laurate, methyl meristate, methyl caprilate, and mixed methyl esters.


We produce custom-made waxes from renewable fats and oils for a variety of different applications. Our engineering team can adjust processes to generate​

  • Custom melt-point

  • Custom physical characteristics, such as, hardness, surface adhesion, color

  • Emulsions

We currently offer prilling at pilot scale. Please inquire about our prilling capacity.